H-1B visa data: Visual and interactive tools

H-1B turns 20

These tools are part of our special report on the 20th anniversary of the H-1B visa, where you can find more information about the H-1B's role in American IT, as well as first-person accounts from five IT workers who have been directly affected by the H-1B program.

Map: Concentrations of 2009 H-1B visa applications for tech jobs

The map below shows the concentration of H-1B visa requests for computer-related jobs by geographic area. Data is based on Labor Condition Applications (LCA) filed in 2009 (the most recent data available online) for jobs in 11 tech categories, such as computer and information systems manager, computer programmer and computer software engineer. If multiple locations are listed, only the first is mapped.

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Concentration of H-1B requests

Source: U.S. Department of Labor via Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, State of Utah. (Map created by Sharon Machlis using Google Labs Tables.)

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