Miscellaneous Gift Ideas [2010 Cool Yule Tools]

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Center Mount Swimmer’s Snorkel, by FinisI’ll come right out and say it: this was my first and only experience using a snorkel.  Actually, let me qualify that a little bit: I might have tried one when I was very young, but this was my first honest to goodness attempt at properly using a snorkel.  And do you know what I learned?  A nose clip to prevent water from flooding your nostrils is absolutely paramount.  Do not attempt using a snorkel for the first time without one of these.

The Center Mount Swimmer’s Snorkel by Finis is a fine snorkel, but it doesn’t come with a nose clip.  Once you move past that (assuming you move and don’t sink…ha ha), you’ll find this snorkel quite useful.  It comes with a forehead mount, which allows you to position the snorkel along the same path your nose follows.  It wasn’t like any other snorkel I’ve ever seen, but some of the benefits are obvious.  Finis advertises the snorkel as allowing for “improved body balance, a more natural and proper body position in the water, and eliminating strain on neck, back, and shoulders”.  It also claims (on the packaging) that it’s endorsed by Pablo Morales and Richard W. Quick.

So if you follow the competitive sport of swimming closely enough to know who those people are, you might be sold by now.  For anyone else, allow me to assure you this snorkel will adequately enable you to swim slightly below the surface while facing down.  Which is good because that’s the direction from which some sharks prefer to attack.  It doesn’t let you look behind yourself while swimming, so you’re out of luck if one chomps a flipper.  So there you have it.

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