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Beginning today, you'll find "Insider" labels (


) on select stories on the Computerworld Web site. The Insider icon indicates that our top editors have deemed that story to be among our very best offerings for IT professionals. In return, we'll ask you to give us business card information about yourself.

Insider is a joint service of CIO, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld, Network World and Computerworld. Signing up once gives you access to the rich resources of all six sites. Together, we provide the highest quality content created for IT readers. You'll be able to find top-notch articles from our sister publications on the Computerworld site too. See the Insider archive page to review our initial offering of Insider content. New stories will be added every week.

In the weeks and months to come, Computerworld's editors will be working hard to add new features and benefits to the Insider service. Among these will be benchmarking tools, the ability to build custom news alerts and gated community discussions with peers.

We'll also be adding more themed compilations of our most useful and enlightening stories and research. You can download these compilations as PDFs that you can easily pass around via e-mail to colleagues. Our first PDF compilation includes Computerworld's latest "Best Places to Work in IT" and "IT Salary Survey" special reports.

We're working on other ideas too, and welcome your input. Please send any thoughts or suggestions you may have about Insider directly to me. I'm eager to get your feedback.

Scot Finnie is Computerworld's editor in chief. You can contact him at sfinnie@computerworld.com, and follow him on Twitter (@ScotFinnie).


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