Chart: 4 password managers offer security anytime, anywhere

Find your passwords and other data on any device.

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Software comparison

Product 1Password LastPass RoboForm Clipperz
Vendor Agile Web Solutions Inc. LastPass Siber Systems Inc. Clipperz Sri
Web site
Pricing 1Password for Mac: $39.95 per user or $69.95 for family license (up to 5 users); 1Password for Windows: $39.95 per user or $29.95 for 5 users/household. Currently available as free beta. 1Password for iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad: $9.95. 1Password Pro license, $14.95, allows installation on all of your iOS devices. Free for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPad computers. LastPass premium, which includes versions for smart phones, priority support and 2-factor authentication using Sesame password generator, is $12/year. Support for Sesame app for 2-factor authentication is included. Yubikey USB keys are $25 per device. RoboForm for Windows version 6, $29.95 ($9.95 each additional PC); RoboForm2Go, $39.95 per USB device ($19.95 each additional; first license $19.95 with purchase of RoboForm for Windows); RoboForm Online is free, as are the extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer; and for mobile devices. Free
Enterprise version No Yes, $24/year per user. Supports single sign on, centralized management, control and auditing of user accounts. Yes, Windows only. Works with Active Directory, supports policies to customize access to features, enables control over where password databases reside: locally, on corporate server, at RoboForm Online. Under development.
Automatically fills in and submits user name, password and other form-based data. Yes on Mac. Fills in only on Windows and iPad versions. Yes Yes Yes. Requires creation of a Direct Login link for each site using the Clipperz bookmarklet.
Form completion Yes Yes Yes No
Location where password data is stored Locally and in the cloud. Can synchronize data between machines using DropBox, a third party storage as a service offering. Locally and in the cloud. All data kept in synch. Locally and in the cloud. All data kept in synch. In the cloud with option to download read only copy of the application and data as a single html file.
Data encrypted locally prior to uploading to the cloud? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Type of encryption used 128-bit AES. 256-bit AES, 2048-bit RSA for password sharing. 256-bit AES. Also supports DES, 3DES, Blowfish and RC6. Secure Remote Password for authentication. AES-256 for encryption double SHA-256 for hashing, Fortuna for random number generation.
Secure connection to online database? Synchronization through Dropbox service, which uses SSL. SSL SSL SSL
Type of application Native OS X, iPad and Windows applications. Browser extensions with some platform-specific, binary code. Native applications, JavaScript bookmarklets,browser tool bar extensions. Ajax and JavaScript; runs in browser without browser extensions or add-ons.
Browsers supported Mac: Extensions for Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Camino, OmniWeb, DEVONagent, or NetNewsWire. Windows version supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. iPad version includes embedded browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. All work with native RoboForm for Windows application. Opera, other browsers supported via a JavaScript bookmarklet for access to RoboForm Online but don't support a local cached copy of the password data (Siber says it is working to add support for a local data store for Firefox) . Clipperz works with any browser that supports JavaScript. Streamlined user interface runs from Firefox bookmarks sidebar or Opera panel and displays a read-only list of Direct Logins to Web sites. Supports login credentials (user name and password) only.
Operating Systems Supported Mac OS X, all Mac iOS, Windows, Palm, Android (in beta). Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, BSD and other Unix. Windows. Mac and Linux supported through bookmarklet that interacts with RoboForm Online database only; no support for synchronized local copy and no one-click login feature. Bookmarklet works with any browser that supports JavaScript. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox add support for one-click login to Web sites for Linux, Mac or Windows PCs. Any
Mobile platforms supported iPad, iPhone, Palm, Android. Versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry and Symbian. All except Symbian use an "embedded" browser (no native browser integration). Palm webOS and Symbian versions do not support automatic form filling. Must use copy/paste. Mobile device support for all platforms except iPad require LastPass Premium subscription. Auto login supported on iPhone and Android phones. iPhone apps synchs with RoboForm Online and maintains a local read-only copy of password database for offline use. Android phones supported by browser bookmarklet to access RoboForm Online; no local copy of password data. Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian use standalone viewer app to view password data on RoboForm Online; no local copy of password data and no auto login support. A beta version of the Clipperz Web site optimized for small screens can be found at
Can run from USB key? No Yes, with locally hosted, synched copy of data. Supports Windows, Linux and Mac. Yes, with locally hosted, synched copy of data, but runs on Windows computers only. Yes. A USB key with a portable browser can access the Clipperz Web site or run the offline read-only version stored on the USB key.
Offers two-factor authentication No Yes. Mechanisms include printed code grid; USB thumb drive with Sesame software or standalone YubiKey USB key. All but grid require LastPass Premium subscription. No No
Password data synchronization between devices Yes Yes Yes for Windows, iPhone and Windows USB key versions. No
Online access to password database on Web site Yes when used with Dropbox cloud storage service. Yes Yes Yes
Secure password sharing Yes by exporting desired items as encrypted web page. Yes, by e-mail using public key cryptography to protect data. Requires LastPass Premium. Yes, can e-mail unencrypted or encrypt data with password protection. Recipient must be running RoboForm. No. Planned.
Recovery available if master password is lost? No Yes. Can send e-mail with activation link for using one-time recovery token that LastPass stores on your local computer's hard drive. Can also recover accidentally deleted passwords. Not recoverable for consumer versions. For enterprise version admin can recover the data. No
Allows use of one-time passwords (protection against key loggers) No Yes. Can create 32-character one-time passwords and print out for later use. Or by using two-factor authentication (Grid, Sesame or YubiKey). No Yes
Secure password generator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Evaluates strength of passwords Yes Yes No Yes
Supports multiple users/accounts? No Yes Yes No
Can enter passwords using screen keyboard (to protect against key loggers) No Yes Yes No.
Can import password data from other sources? Several password manager formats plus CSV. Firefox, CSV, and 24 other password managers. Imports from Gator, LastPass and KeePass as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer. No CSV, Excel or other formats supported. CSV, Excel, KeePass, RoboForm, Password Plus, JSON.
Export password database to Excel, CSV or other open format? tab-delimited text file. CSV, Firefox. Data can also be printed. No. Exports to IE and Firefox only. Password data can also be printed. JSON. Can print out password data.
Support E-mail support, FAQ, online user guide, support forums. Online support documents and videos; forums and e-mail. Faster response and telephone support available with LastPass Premium. Toll free telephone support, online FAQ, online support via messaging, live chat. Forums, online manual, feedback form, e-mail, chat, Twitter.
Source: Robert L. Mitchell, Computerworld.

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