Nizmos Angle

The $80 Nizmos Angle is a leather iPad case that combines high-quality materials with a whole lot of adjustability.

The Angle holds an iPad in a leather frame that's open at the top, so you can slide the device into place and secure it with a snap-in strap, leaving all ports and connections accessible. The case is available in black with white stitching, black with orange stitching, or red with white stitching.

True to its name, the Angle is a master at letting you choose the angle at which you want to view your iPad while in landscape orientation. That's because in the middle of the front cover is a ridged, plastic rectangle, and on the back cover there's a wide, leather kickstand--just fold back the case cover, open the kickstand, and nestle that stand into one of the 22 grooves, each of which provides a slightly different viewing angle.

The case is constructed of high-quality leather, but the Angle does trade off some attractiveness for its flexibility: When the Angle is closed, there's a ridged plastic rectangle smack in the center. But Nizmos has done a good job making this piece look more like a design affectation than an actual feature.

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