Moshi Concerti

Moshi's $55 Concerti is an interesting case that takes a hybrid approach to the folio genre: a soft, microfiber exterior--grey, beige, or dark purple--wrapped around a silicone frame. Placing an iPad in the silicone frame is easy and holds the device securely while allowing access to all its ports and connectors. The microfiber exterior is a nice, classy-yet-casual alternative to all the leather iPad folios out there. The case comes with a clip-on, microfiber strap if you're looking to accessorize.

The Concerti's back cover has a fold in the center, allowing you to prop the iPad up against the inside front cover to create a stand for the iPad in landscape mode. You can also fold the back cover in half, with the front cover folded beneath it, to get a gentle typing incline.

The Concerti feels quite a bit thicker than many other iPad folios, and there's no way to keep it securely closed--an issue because the case flops open quite easily.

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