Nizmos Contour

Nizmos' $80 Contour is essentially a leather version of Apple's own iPad Case. The leather Nizmos uses is soft and gorgeous, and available in black, brown, or tan. You insert an iPad into the case by sliding it into the side of a leather frame, which leaves all ports and connectors accessible. However, the leather frame is thick enough that it can be a bit distracting, since it surrounds the iPad screen at all times--Apple's case has the advantage here because it's made of much thinner material.

Though the Contour has a notch on its back panel so you can fold the front cover over and use it as a stand, I couldn't get the case to stay upright in landscape mode. If you like to use a case to place your iPad upright for, say, watching videos, this case isn't a good option. Still, it's a quality case made with excellent materials.

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