Booq Boa Folio for iPad

It's hard to see Booq's $50 Boa Folio for iPad as anything but a misfire. It's probably quite durable, since it's made out of the kind of thick, rough material I'd expect to find in a bag. But as a folio case for the iPad, this material seems awfully unwelcoming.

You insert the iPad into the Boa Folio by sliding it into the open side of the case's rigid, plastic frame, which holds the iPad securely in place on the other three sides, leaving all ports accessible. Again, the choice of materials is strange: the rigid plastic feels unfriendly to the touch and positively hostile to the iPad.

The back of the case is styled like Apple's own iPad case, with a space to tuck in the front flap, creating a stand. But in all my attempts, I couldn't actually get the Boa Folio to stand upright.

On the positive side, the Boa Folio is available in five colors (berry, black, gray, slate, and sand), and it has a big pocket for storing large, very flat things, as well as another smaller pocket. A Moleskine-style elastic strap attempts to add a bit of class, but it's mismatched with the rest of the case.

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