Readers respond: Verizon throttling, iPad cameras and graceful exits

Comments for the week of Feb. 7

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How do IT news and reviews affect your life? Be you CIO or CTO, vendor or client, developer or helpdesk tech, we want your opinions and arguments on the latest Computerworld stories. Here are some comments that caught our eye this week:

In response to 4G shootout: Verizon LTE vs. Sprint WiMax:

No one can deny that LTE is faster than WiMax. The key point is, though, let's see how Verizon's network compares when it actually starts getting the volume of 4G traffic Sprint's is already handling. Sprint has a lot more spectrum which means a highway with more lanes. Verizon may have a higher speed limit on its highway, but you can't go the speed limit in a traffic jam.


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In response to Verizon warns it will throttle back speeds for data hogs:

Most of the comments here fail to distinguish between data use and bandwidth. An unlimited plan refers to data use, not bandwidth (speed). Throttling the speed is different from limiting data use. Verizon is not saying they are going to limit data use. However, bandwidth throttling does seem to be at odds with all the touting of 4G service the carriers and Verizon are engaged in. On the one hand, they are bragging about deploying 4G and how fast their network is. Then they turn around and start talking about bandwidth throttling.


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In response to Collected: What to expect from the iPad 2.0:

Submitted by Anonymous on February 7, 2011 - 10:34 A.M. Without a rear-facing camera, there would be no potential for those amazing augmented reality applications just itching to be developed for the iPad. Think instant language translations, details about your surroundings in the form of 3D, spatially aware overlays. See some ominous clouds on the horizon? Hold up your iPad towards them to get detailed info of the approaching storm and weather forecast. Not to mention some incredibly cool augmented realilty games that take place in the "real world". Your iPad will become a window to countless realities.


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In response to Leaving a job with your personal tech intact:

Every individual knows that s(he) may need to depart from the company or role or line of business one day or the other. Everyone needs to make arrangements accordingly. Whatever is given by the company during the employment period is owned by the company ONLY, be it a phone/laptop/other equipment/user groups/social network etc. Everyone needs to be loyal to the company; after all, the company hired and paid you all these days for your services which the individuals wanted to show to the world. Departing is much anticipated event, so be prepared anytime, anywhere — even for a founder/CEO.


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In response to U.S. commissions beefy IBM supercomputer:

How will [this supercomputer] be programmed efficiently? The only viable project underway that will answer the question is that effort near completion by Texas Multicore Technologies. Algorithms are tested and working to take advantage of optimization requirements to truly use the advanced ability of layers of multiprocessors. Several chip manufacturers are well along in the testing process of the TMT language/compiler. It will be fascinating to see what IBM has done.


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