Update: News Corp. launches The Daily news magazine for iPad

News Corp. on Wednesday took the wraps off The Daily, its national news publication built specifically for the iPad. The media giant is touting its new offering as the first national daily news publication built from the ground up for Apple's tablet, while Apple is using The Daily's introduction to usher in a new form of subscription billing for iOS apps.

Available as a download from the App Store, The Daily will feature a mixture of text, video, photos, and other interactive content. News Corp. executives promised a product that blends what CEO Rupert Murdoch called "the best of journalism" with "the best of contemporary technology."

"The iPad demands that we completely re-imagine our craft," Murdoch told reporters at a press event in New York to mark The Daily's launch.

Meet The Daily

The Daily will be published every morning and delivered directly to the iPads of subscribers; the publication's editors say that updates will be delivered throughout the day.

The app opens to a carousel view of the day's stories, not unlike the Cover Flow view that's now a staple of the Mac operating system. Readers can flip through the carousel with a swipe of the finger; tapping on a story brings up its content. A Shuffle button brings up stories at random.

The design choices were deliberate ones, according to News Corp., as it will help readers come across stories they might not otherwise see. "The magic of newspapers and blogs lies in discovery... and the deft touch of a good editor," Murdoch said.

Sections at The Daily will include News, Gossip, Opinion, Arts & Life, and Sports--but curiously, for an app geared toward a digitally savvy audience, no tech section. Sports lovers, however, should be pleased: the publication offers users a customizable dashboard for viewing news highlights on their favorite teams. Users will also be able to access localized weather reports from within the app.

The publication's Apps & Games section includes profiles of App Store offerings--including links to download apps directly from the store--in addition to a daily crossword and sudoku puzzle, perhaps explaining why The Daily includes integration with Apple's Game Center service. All told, The Daily promises to publish up to 100 pages of content a day.

Content at The Daily includes written reports as well as photo essays, videos, and animated graphics. (The first issue, for example, includes an animated diagram of a shovel pass in advance of Sunday's Super Bowl.) The Daily's creators also promise 360-degree photos and graphics that respond to touch. A button on the main page of the app triggers an audio summary of the day's stories, and there's also a video that summarizes the main stories in a particular issue.

"The Daily is not a legacy brand moving from print to the digital world," Murdoch said. "We have license to innovate."

"It's incredible to believe something of this production value can be done every single day," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of Internet services, who represented the company at Wednesday's launch event.

Users are able to post comments to stories, either in written or audio form. The Daily also offers sharing capabilities--you can post stories to Facebook or Twitter or share them via e-mail.

An overview of The Daily, the first daily publication created from scratch for the iPad.

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