10 changes we'd like to see at the Mac App Store

How about adding an app wish list and trial versions, for instance?

It's been a week since the Mac App Store flung open its virtual doors, giving Mac users another avenue to shop for and download software for their computer. Apple hopes to emulate the success it's enjoyed with the iOS version of the App Store, and the company just might do that when all is said and done--after all, it took just 24 hours for the Mac App Store to ring up 1 million downloads. But after eight days worth of hands on time with the Mac App Store, we've noticed that there are a few things Apple could stand to fix.

We're not just talking about Apple's rather restrictive rules, which keep a notable amount of great software out of the Mac App Store. Rather, we're focusing on features and functionality that would dramatically improve the App Store experience. Here are ten features we'd like to see Apple add--or fix, as the case may be.

A purchase-confirmation warning

Since the iOS App Store's launch over two years ago, the "Are you sure you want to buy...?" dialog has protected careless clickers from accidentally buying iOS apps. (That is, until that warning became a regular nuisance and you disabled it, only to find yourself owning several apps you never planned to buy. But we digress.) Unfortunately, the Mac App Store provides no such fail-safe. Sure, if you're not currently logged in to the store, you'll be prompted for your account password, but once you sign in, it's all One-Click, all the time. And while accidentally buying an iOS app usually means spending, at most, a few bucks, if you accidentally click the Buy button for an app in the Mac App Store, there's a good chance you'll be out $5, $10, $20, or more.

The obvious solution is for the Mac App Store to present a similar purchase-confirmation dialog, at least by default. This would add a reasonable safety net when browsing items that often cost quite a bit more than the typical music track, TV episode, or iOS app. Until then, we recommend that you be careful when mousing about.

An app wish list

For those times we don't want to purchase something immediately--maybe we want to mull it over, or maybe we want to check out some reviews before purchasing--how about a wish list for your account in the Mac App Store? Apple's other online stores each provide one, so why not give the newest store the same feature? It would be a great way to help users keep track of apps they might want to purchase among the ever-increasing flood of Mac App Store entries.

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