Visual tour: Apple's greatest hits under Steve Jobs

12 noteworthy innovations rolled out under Jobs' leadership at Apple

Changing everything. Again

After the original iPhone launched in 2007, Apple released new models annually, following with the iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and, most recently, the iPhone 4 — which made headlines before it was even released, due to a misplaced prototype that landed in the hands of a Gizmodo editor.

The latest iPhone added a front-facing camera as well as video chat with other iPhone and (eventually) Mac users using the FaceTime app. It also doubled the resolution of its three predecessors, courtesy what Apple dubbed the Retina display.

However, the feature that earned the iPhone 4 the most headlines was the "death grip": holding the iPhone a certain way interfered with its antennas, causing a loss of signal strength. For this reason, despite glowing reviews from Consumer Reports, the publication could not otherwise recommend Apple's cell phone. The problem is expected to be addressed in the upcoming Verizon iPhone, the first model to be offered from a carrier other than AT&T.

iPhone 4

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