Visual tour: Apple's greatest hits under Steve Jobs

12 noteworthy innovations rolled out under Jobs' leadership at Apple

Here is Computerworld's list of the 12 most notable hits Apple has produced under CEO Steve Jobs, from his first tenure (1977-85) to his successful return in 1997 on up to today. These weren't always the biggest sellers or the best-designed, but they made a splash when they were unveiled and often pointed the direction for the rest of the computer industry. Written during Steve Jobs' last medical leave, this gallery highlights the innovation that was the hallmark of his leadership.

Apple II Forever

The Apple II was the first product released from Apple Computer Inc. after incorporation in 1977. Unlike the Apple-1, this computer came with a monitor, keyboard, case and power supply, making it a machine for the masses, not just homebrew hackers. More than eight models and five million units were sold before it was discontinued in 1993.

Apple II

(Photo courtesy Mémoires Informatiques Foundation and the aBCM Association, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.)

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