Cisco to launch free iPad/iPhone video app

Video upgrades meant to help businesses capture and share video

Cisco announced improvements to its video product line Thursday to make it easier for businesses to capture and share video, including a free app coming soon for iPad and iPhone.

The free app will make Cisco's existing Show and Share software available for iPad and iPhone in late October through the Apple App Store, Cisco officials said via a Webcast this week.

Show and Share is Cisco's video-sharing software, which allows users to search and watch videos as well as record and upload their own videos. That software has been available on other hardware, but until now not for the iPad and iPhone.

Also, Cisco said it is integrating its existing Show and Share with its Media Experience Engines 3500 and itsTelePresence Content Server, although it didn't yet name the products that will provide the integration. Also, a new software release of the 3500 allows it to support Flash, H.264 and Windows Media formats.

An existing software tool called Pulse Video Analytics will soon allow searches of video content by keyword or speaker in the Cisco Show and Share product.

Finally, Cisco announced a Media Deliver Engine 50 Integrated Services Router Virtual Blade. The new module works in Cisco routers at the edge of networks to optimize the way video is cached and streamed to branch offices in an attempt to lower costs. Timing for release of the module was not announced.

Guido Jouret, chief technology officer for Cisco's Emerging Technologies Group, told analysts and reporters on the Webcast that Cisco's goal is to allow video "to reach anyone, on any device at any time."

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