Verizon to sell HTC Rhyme for $200 beginning Sept. 29

Focus of the smartphone is on style, not power

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Verizon Wireless will begin selling the new HTC Rhyme smartphone for $199.99 starting Sept. 29.

HTC unveiled the Android 2.3 smartphone globally on Tuesday, and a Verizon spokeswoman confirmed the price and availability date for the only U.S. carrier to carry the Rhyme.

HTC called the smartphone a "new kind of phone created for people who require advanced features but want a phone that is sleek and fits seamlessly into their lives.

Instead of promoting raw power for the phone's 1GHz processor, HTC focused on Rhyme's design materials, curves and size, as well as its three colors: Clearwater, Hourglass and Plum. HTC noted that Verizon will sell the Plum version. The marketing focus is clearly aimed at young women buyers.

The Rhyme will come with a new HTC Sense homescreen for a clean and uncluttered view of appointments and messages, HTC said in a statement.

The Rhyme has a 3.7-in. LCD display, high-quality stereo sound and two cameras, including 5-megapixel rear-facing camera. The camera features photo face detection to ensure that photos of faces are kept in focus.

A docking station will recharge the phone while also turning it into an alarm clock. An accessory called the HTC Rhyme Charm will attach to the phone via a cord to alert users to incoming calls and messages with a glow from a built-in light. The cord will also make it easy to pull the phone from a deep purse, HTC said.

The phone goes on sale outside the U.S. in October.

HTC Rhyme
The HTC Rhyme smartphone will sell for $199.99 beginning on Sept. 29.

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