Android: An expert guide

Google's Android platform in a short time has become a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone world, and its success raises all sorts of questions for IT professionals.

Just a few years ago, Android didn't exist; in the second quarter of this year, nearly 52 million Android-based phones shipped, representing 48% of the entire smartphone market, according to research firm Canalys.

The pace of Android's growth has been so amazing that it has even been suggested that Microsoft is making more from licensing deals with Android phone makers than from its own Windows Phone.

IT folks will need to deal with this phenomenon at some level, whether they actually support Android-based devices for employees or simply try to integrate their business IT with the prevalent smartphones.

Whether you are an IT pro who has to integrate these mobile devices into your business network or you just want to know how to better use your Android, Network World has put together a guide that can help you become an Instant Expert.

In this new PDF for Insiders, we have collected the best expert advice from Network World and for using Android devices in a business context -- including securing those devices and getting the most out of them. It is full of tips for turning Android into a business phone, protecting the devices, making your battery last longer, using the Android Market and ultimately becoming a power user.

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