Word 2010 cheat sheet

How to find your way around Microsoft Word 2010 and make the most of its new features.

There are two basic types of Word 2010 users: Those who upgraded from Word 2007 and those who skipped from Word 2003 (or an earlier version) directly to 2010. These two groups are likely to have very different experiences in learning Word 2010.

That's because with its Office 2007 suite, Microsoft introduced a new interface that radically changed how users interact with common features and functions. The company's newest Office 2010 software keeps the 2007 interface, with a few notable changes. This means that former Word 2007 users will find a few small interface tweaks and a handful of very useful new features in Word 2010, while those who haven't used Word 2007 are likely to feel completely bewildered.

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This Word 2010 cheat sheet can help both types of users, covering how to get around as well as how to take advantage of what's new. We've noted which sections of the story former Word 2007 users can skip over.

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