Hands on: Building an MP3 player for an Apple II computer

We follow along as KansasFest workshop participant Andy Molloy assembles and demos Briel Computers' A2MP3 card.

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fastening the zip tie, the completed cards
The final step in assembling the card is to fasten the two boards together with a zip tie. An extra pair of hands (top right) is needed to secure the tie.

One workshop attendee, Tony Diaz (see his Apple II website), modified his card to connect the two boards directly, bypassing the need for a cable and zip tie. "I just remove the pins from the MP3 module, leaving holes in the PCB, add two pieces of double-stick padding to the bottom side of the MP3 card, and drop that down over the connector where the wire harness was connected," he explained.

The bottom photo shows the completed cards: Tony's on the left and Andy's on the right.

It's worth noting that the A2MP3 card that's now for sale at Briel Computers, unlike the one the workshop attendees built, has also been modified to eliminate the cable connection and have a direct plug-in to both units.

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