Hands on: Building an MP3 player for an Apple II computer

We follow along as KansasFest workshop participant Andy Molloy assembles and demos Briel Computers' A2MP3 card.

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happy Andy, plus new interface
Andy is now the proud owner of a working A2MP3 card.

Postscript: Less than a week after getting his hands on his own A2MP3 card, workshop attendee and programmer Michael Kent took it upon himself to improve the rudimentary software interface for the A2MP3 card. His version, shown at the bottom, supports 80-column text and lowercase letters, and it lists the first 20 songs on the flash drive. The new and improved software is available as a free download from the Briel Computers site.

Note that both Kent's and Briel's software is designed for 8-bit computers (Apple IIe, IIc, etc.). The 16-bit Apple IIGS should have its own A2MP3 software later this year, courtesy of programmer Eric Shepherd, who plans to add the ability to transfer files on and off the card, probably integrated with the Finder.

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