Hands on: Building an MP3 player for an Apple II computer

We follow along as KansasFest workshop participant Andy Molloy assembles and demos Briel Computers' A2MP3 card.

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testing the card -- it works
Off-camera, Andy loads a floppy disk that contains the A2MP3 card's interface software. (The software comes on a CD that needs to be copied onto a ProDOS volume -- floppy disk, hard drive, CompactFlash card, etc. It can also be downloaded from the Internet.)

Top left: The A2MP3 card scans the inserted USB drive for MP3 files.

Bottom left: This simple interface doesn't read the ID3 tags on the card's MP3 files but does offer rudimentary controls such as play, pause and skip to the next track. The program, written in Applesoft Basic, is meant as a demo. It's open source, encouraging users to create their own iTunes-like interfaces.

Right: Thumbs up -- the card works! The sounds of the Talking Heads' "Love --> Building on Fire" fill the room.

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