Leveraging your power at work

Power at work is like power in a battery -- more voltage means more impact.

Today, almost half of working professionals say that they're dissatisfied with their jobs, according to a recent survey by consulting firm Accenture. However, only 30% of the respondents said that they have plans to switch employers. The remaining 70% said they want to pursue better opportunities in-house. If you're one of the latter, I've got good news for you.

According to my research on power and influence among leaders worldwide, you have numerous sources of power available to you at work, some stemming from your position in the company and others from your personal attributes and abilities. Here's a look at five power sources and ways to plug in and increase your professional voltage, no matter where you are on the org chart.

1. Knowledge power

Your knowledge power represents what you know and what you can do. It embodies your talents, skills and abilities, as well as your wisdom and accomplishments. Leaders who rate high in knowledge power are three times more influential than their lower-rated counterparts.

How to plug into your knowledge power: Develop an area of distinctive knowledge, skills or capabilities; apply your knowledge to achieve demonstrable results or advance your organization; write about what you know in articles, on blogs and in social media; coach or mentor others; make the most of opportunities, internal and external, for training and education; and commit to continuous learning.

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