Image gallery: Grab some REST with your SOAP

It's not one protocol vs. another -- they're both needed in the enterprise. Here's why.

These images accompany our story Grab some REST with your SOAP. Click through to that story for a more in-depth look at why both protocols are important in most large organizations.

SOAP incorporates a model of triangulation; it uses publish, find and bind activities involving WSDL (Web Services Description Language) service descriptions, UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration) service registries and SOAP message envelopes for clients to access Web services. REST, on the other hand, uses the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), as the interface with which to access Web services. It uses, for example, a simple HTTP GET command. As REST's name implies, its philosophy is to make every service (and server) appear like a resource and to transfer the resource's 'state' information back to the requesting client.

Rest vs SOAP

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