Computerworld Honors 2012 Winners: Using technology to benefit society

These organizations are putting technology to work for people in need and changing the world for the better.

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Organization Project Name Project Achievements
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Justice Network Winner: JNET Facial Recognition System Web-based application using algorithms and a database of high-quality, standardized photographs enables more than 39,000 county, state and federal justice professionals to identify suspects and witnesses in photographs and videos. Read more...
CGH Technologies Inc. Finalist: Federal NOTAM System (FNS) Digital technology modernizes the collection, management and distribution of Notices to Airmen (NOTAM), replacing an antiquated system with one that distributes mission-critical information more quickly, more accurately and at a lower cost
NTT Data Finalist: Automatic Realtime Bridge Monitoring System (BRIMOS) System uses fiber-optic sensors and advanced IT capabilities to monitor bridges for damage, transmit results in real time to transportation engineers, and alert them to abnormalities
The University of Texas at Tyler Finalist: Medical Special Needs Shelter: Just-in-Time Online Training Website Website provides free training materials to help quickly prepare volunteers and workers to care for people with special medical needs who seek emergency shelter during crises
VBrick Systems Inc. Finalist: 3C Wildfire Control System used by Regional Command and Control Communications enables distribution of live video from mobile and fixed resources via the Internet to public safety agencies, resulting in better response and coordination when fighting wildfires
Awareity TIPS - Preventing the Preventable Web-based incident-reporting tool allows people to report suspicious incidents, security breaches, employment concerns or school safety issues anonymously, giving organizational leaders insight into potential problems so they can proactively respond
California Administrative Office of the Courts California Courts Protective Order Registry Web-based system that provides access to a statewide repository of restraining and protective orders prevents judges from issuing multiple orders with conflicting terms, helping to ensure the safety of victims
City of Rogers, Ark. Rogers, Arkansas -- Mobile Data Solution Virtual computing environment and deployment of mobile devices to public safety personnel improves communication, coordination and efficiency of the workers and saves taxpayer dollars
Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology Colorado Statewide Interoperability Training Program Program provides free online training focused on communications equipment to all workers who use public safety communications systems, to ensure that all agencies can share information effectively and deliver essential services seamlessly
CS STARS STARS Risk Response Program automatically identifies and assesses external risks to organizations by monitoring data sources, determines which risks are relevant to an organization's locations and people, and sends assessments for qualifying events to the appropriate officials
Gemalto Healthcare IT Access Security at Seattle Children's Hospital Use of user-friendly two factor-authentication devices, along with server and technical support for authorized user access to hospital servers, networks and VPNs, provides strong security with high user-adoption rates
Lehigh Valley Health Network Lehigh Valley Health Network Patient Security Initiatives Comprehensive plan to ensure data security focuses on encryption of mobile devices and corporate email, moving all sensitive data off of desktops and onto secure servers, and adopting a data loss prevention system
mPedigree Network mPedigree Technology deployed throughout the supply chain allows manufacturers, regulators, distributors and consumers to use text messaging and unique product IDs to easily and quickly verify that medicines are not counterfeit
Rankin County Mobile Virtual Desktops Replacing traditional computing with virtual desktops creates an always-available computing infrastructure for the county sheriff's department, increasing operating efficiency while lowering costs
San Bernardino County Information Services Department Property Eveidence Tracking System (PETS) Web-based system streamlines the process for gathering, receiving, tracking and distributing property evidence, which results in improved tracking of all evidence, enhanced reporting and auditing, and a reduction in personnel costs
San Joaquin County Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Web-based system modernizes public safety systems, simplifying integration among justice agencies, ensuring data security and increasing the efficiency of its users
SmartDrive Systems Inc. SmartDrive Safety Sensors and video recorders on vehicles collect data on drivers' performance that's analyzed to pinpoint areas for improvement and reinforce good driving practices
Suffolk County Department of Social Services Police Incident Request Tracking Program enables public safety departments and social service agencies to securely share incident request forms used for court cases, dramatically cutting turnaround times for providing courts with crucial information
Troy University IT Cyberkids Protection Initiative Program delivers educational information about Internet safety to youth through school and community events, and trains educators and parents on the issues so they can provide guidance to young people
Verisign Verisign's Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) program Program introduces technology that lets users more securely navigate the Internet, helps ready the Internet community for the enhanced security measures, and provides the tools to support their implementation and adoption

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