Computerworld Honors 2012 Winners: Using technology to benefit society

These organizations are putting technology to work for people in need and changing the world for the better.

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Organization Project Name Project Achievements
Hewlett-Packard Co. Winner: Early Infants Diagnosis in Kenya This program allows care providers to electronically manage infant HIV test data and transmit test results via SMS to even the most remote health clinics, reducing test result turnaround times to ensure an early start to treatment. Read more...
Beaumont Hospital Finalist: Cystic Fibrosis IT system : CF-IT System captures information from healthcare professionals treating cystic fibrosis patients and creates detailed records accessible to healthcare providers from any computer in the hospital, supporting continuity of care
Christiana Care Health System Finalist: Insight - The Patient Symptom Self-Assessment Tool Custom software captures and assesses symptoms reported by patients with chronic illnesses in a consistent and detailed format, allowing clinicians to respond in an appropriate, timely manner to better manage symptoms and improve patients' quality of life
Grande Ronde Hospital Finalist: Improving Rural Access, Safety and Cost of Healthcare Services through Remote Presence Technology Implementation of a telemedicine program, including use of a remote-presence robot, allows rural patients to access specialists through real-time interactive connections without having to travel long distances for care
Wireless Reach for Qualcomm Finalist: Wireless Heart Health: Using 3G to Assist Underserved Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Smartphones with built-in electrocardiogram screening and monitoring, Web-based electronic medical record software, and 3G wireless Internet-enabled workstations at rural clinics connect rural Chinese patients with remote cardiac specialists, ensuring timely care
California Correctional Health Care Services CCHCS Telemedicine Program Videoconferencing technology and clinical telepresence systems bring specialized medical care to California inmates onsite, and a related website gives healthcare providers a centralized platform to manage medical reports and data
Cherokee Indian Hospital Implementation of an Electronic Medical Record to Improve the Quality of Health Care for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Implementation of an electronic medical record system in several departments improves patient care by decreasing morbidity and mortality rates, lowering wait times in the emergency department and boosting patient satisfaction
HCA Information Technology & Services MySCRI Clinical Trials Portal System facilitates and simplifies the complex process of putting patients on clinical trials, which saves physicians' time, eases challenges for patients, and increases accessibility of new research and discoveries that can improve cancer therapies
Indianapolis EMS EMS ePCR / INPC EMS agency's collaboration with local health information exchange results in first-of-its-kind system that allows EMS workers to access abstracts of patients' hospital medical records, which help them determine the best treatments
KW Foundation KW Social Network Ongoing social networking initiative provides patients, healthcare professionals and students with the tools to create, publish and exchange knowledge regardless of their computer programming abilities
Lehigh Valley Health Network Incorporating Behavioral Health and HIV Patients into a Shared Medical Chart Program uses technological and procedural processes to meet privacy regulations for behavioral health and HIV patients while enabling clinicians to access information under a shared record model for electronic medical records
Moffitt Cancer Center Enterprise Video Technologies Improve Cancer Patients' Healthcare Experience Video-on-demand and real-time video interactions allow patients to meet with doctors, receive information and attend support groups without burdensome travel, and allow doctors to attend meetings virtually, giving them more time for patient care
OhioHealth Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Advanced clinical information system used for monitoring health, reviewing medical images, acquiring and analyzing data, and documenting medical treatment enables clinical trials of a potentially life-saving heart procedure for high-risk patients
Perficient Inc. Perficient and Texas Children's Hospital Business intelligence technology helps Texas Children's Hospital effectively analyze its data to increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness, conduct innovative research, satisfy regulatory requirements and provide effective, efficient patient care
Prize4Life Prize4Life Biomarker Challenge Organization uses cloud-based crowdsourcing platform to support its search for ways to accurately track the progression of ALS and to solicit ideas on how to reduce the cost of clinical drug trials to treat the disease
SAFE-BioPharma Association Research Collaboration in the Cloud: How NCI and Research Partners Are Using Interoperable Digital Identities, Digital Signatures and Cloud Computing to Accelerate Drug Development Interoperable digital identities, digital signatures and cloud computing eliminate the need for researchers to exchange paper forms with participants in clinical trials, saving money and time in developing treatments
Seattle Children's Hospital At the Heart of Seattle Children's Mission-critical VDI Deployment Pump Hitachi Storage Technologies Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables increased mobility for clinical staff and faculty, resulting in better, more seamless care for patients, a 24/7 environment with no disruptions, and lower operational costs
Texas Health Resources Reducing VTE using Clinical Decision Support Automated, standardized venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment tool that uses real-time information from electronic health records helps identify patients at risk for these life-threatening blood clots, allowing physicians to start treatment sooner
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center eVisits at UPMC: Increasing Convenience with Reduced Cost for Patients and Providers Patients can receive online health consultations by using a secure Internet portal to fill out medical questionnaires that become part of the patient's electronic medical record, thus eliminating the need to travel to a doctor's office and ensuring continuity of care
ZSL Mobile Wound Care Smartphone and tablet application takes pictures and measures a patient's wound and uploads the information to the patient's medical record, eliminating time and the potential for error associated with manual record-keeping

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