Computerworld Honors 2012 Winners: Using technology to benefit society

These organizations are putting technology to work for people in need and changing the world for the better.

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Organization Project Name Project Achievements
Fujitsu Ltd. Winner: Great East Japan Earthquake Response Program The company supplies various resources, including free cloud services, communication applications, PCs and volunteers, to help workers, customers and residents affected by the massive March 2011 earthquake in Japan. Read more...
Chicago Department of Transportation Finalist: Chicago Traffic Tracker Application built on open-source software and GPS feeds from transit buses, municipal vehicles and taxi cabs details traffic conditions on Chicago streets in real time, allowing drivers to plan the best travel routes and helping to reduce congestion
Reaction Design Finalist: Model Fuels Consortium Initiative that brought together automotive manufacturers and energy producers creates and validates the accurate fuel emission models needed to more rapidly develop environmentally responsible engines
Schneider Electric Finalist: Schneider Electric Bip-Bop Program Energy program aims to bring clean, affordable electricity to marginalized people and communities worldwide by providing cost-effective equipment, funding for innovative entrepreneurs, and technical and business training to sustain energy investments
The Procter & Gamble Co. Finalist: P&G's Global Asset Recovery Purchases (GARP) Company uses a desktop application to extract and visualize data to help it reach its waste-reduction goals by recycling manufacturing waste and turning excess inventory into useful products
San Bernardino County Information Services Department, Application Development Division Document Storage Goes Green System that allows county workers to create documents as searchable PDF files and then electronically store them allows county to reduce the use of paper and printer toner, save on personnel time and costs, and create a greener work environment
Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program Initiative uses hosted cloud servers, mobile applications and the Internet to collect and share GIS data and electronic reports from federal, state and local agencies working in the Mojave Desert region
Qingyan Fu and Qian Wang, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center; David Wong, Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division, U.S. EPA; and Prof. Joshua Fu, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee at Knoxville Shanghai Air Quality Forecasting System System uses air-quality data from around China to predict the concentration of pollutants expected in Shanghai within a 48-hour range, allowing sensitive groups, particularly the elderly and children, to act to protect themselves
Broadcom Corp. Broadcom Energy Efficient Ethernet Company's extensive Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) portfolio goes beyond industry standards to significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, delivering 70% power savings when the network is active and up to 95% during down/idle time
Tetra Tech Water Management Webcast Series for EPA Use of cloud-based webcasting software enables company to educate thousands on water management topics, remotely train individuals and archive broadcasts for future use
Delphix Delphix Data Virtualization Platform Several novel technologies form the basis of a platform allowing organizations to virtualize the information in their databases and archives, thereby reducing energy and hardware costs in large-scale data centers
JouleX AMEC Enterprise IT Energy Reduction AMEC's use of JouleX Energy Manager automates control of energy consumption across the IT enterprise so unused or idle devices attached to the network can be powered down to save energy
Sabre Airline Solutions Sabre Advanced Flight Planning Solution Reduces Airline Fuel Consumption, Emissions and Delays Flight planning application enables airlines to operate more efficiently and to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by optimizing flight paths
Western Kentucky University WKYU PBS LED Studio Lighting Project Pioneering use of cutting-edge technology creates a new LED lighting system that is more flexible and adaptable yet has yielded a 97% reduction in electricity consumption
Knowledge Profits Inc. Greater Vine City Opportunities Program, Inc. Used technology to help capture $1.1 million in federal grants to establish the Global Green Technology Center, a "green" building aimed at providing technology resources and green job training in an economically and socially disadvantaged community in Atlanta
Vestas Wind Systems A/S Vestas Virtualizes and Consolidates IT Management Software to Produce and Support More Wind Turbines for Green Energy Projects around the Globe Server virtualization enables company to cut its own energy consumption and increase the number of wind turbine projects it supports, which in turn helps reduce the production of greenhouse gasses
U.S. General Services Administration The A3 (Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime) Strategy Fiberlink's MaaS360 cloud-based device management service enables the GSA to cut energy use by powering down idle workstations and infrastructure servers and by securely migrating workers to mobile devices, which increases telecommuting opportunities
OG&E (a unit of OGE Energy Corp.) Positive Energy Smart Grid A combination of technologies help customers automatically reduce their energy demand or shift demand to off-peak hours while also enabling the company to manage its energy system more holistically
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) WSSC Mobile Mobile application allows customers to pay bills, report problems and share ideas on improving operations and results in increased customer awareness of water management issues
The California Independent System Operator Corp. Managing Renewable Energy Sources with Situational Intelligence Analytics tool enables California ISO to analyze data from multiple sources to optimize the use of renewable energy while also ensuring the stability and reliability of the electric grid

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