Computerworld Honors 2012 Winners: Using technology to benefit society

These organizations are putting technology to work for people in need and changing the world for the better.

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Digital Access

Organization Project Name Project Achievements
Curriki Winner: Curriki This online community makes open educational resources readily available for free and creates a collaborative social network for educators, an exchange of free learning materials, and a resource for parents and students. Read more...
City University of Hong Kong Finalist: University-Wide Mobile Web Project Transformation of university's entire public Web presence, which spans 100 websites and half a million pages, into a mobile-friendly format that makes all pages more accessible to users with disabilities
Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. Finalist: Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) Use of a web-based content management system to manage and disseminate voice messages and help-line conversations on agriculture, markets and pricing, weather and other useful reference information to rural farmers via mobile phone
SmartRiverside Finalist: SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Program Program provides free PC training, refurbished PCs and access to city's Wi-Fi network to low-income families, with 84% of participants saying the program had a positive impact on their income, job status or grades
Stanford University Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) Finalist: Stanford University: Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) Use of cloud-based collaboration tool allows Stanford EPGY to expand its experimental online school from grades 10 to 12 to a fully accredited, six-year independent school delivering a rich curriculum to more students
City and County of San Francisco SFGov Mobile Applications Mobile applications broaden access to government by giving residents access to all of the city's online resources, including video and audio of government meetings, speeches and information on city government programs
Get Real Consulting eHealth2go powered by IPHR Web-based technology encourages disadvantaged patients with diabetes in the Washington, D.C., area to use computerized personal health records to help improve their health and medical care
Give Every Child A Chance Technology Outreach Program A solar-powered computer lab housed in a former school bus offers mobile computer instruction to children who might otherwise not have access to such technology
GoGoNews GoGoNews / One Laptop Per Child Application for One Laptop Per Child devices gives children access to news in an age-appropriate format, updating content whenever Internet connectivity is available so it can be read offline
Loveland Public Library Providing the Unemployed With Access to Technology for Job Searching and Career Development Replacing traditional PCs with cloud PCs allows library to increase the number of devices available for public use from 37 to 140, giving more people access to computers and enabling the library to add classes without increasing technical support budget
m-Via m-Via Improves the Lives of Immigrant Families with Boom Service The United States' first mobile payments solution for cross-border transactions allows individuals with mobile phones to send money via text message without having a bank account or credit card
Microsoft Corp. Students to Business Program connects students to internships and jobs at companies using Microsoft technologies, giving young people valuable work experience and employers access to new talent
Modo Labs Harvard Mobile Use of Kurogo, an open-source middleware, empowers development of a mobile application that ties content from disparate sources into a cohesive experience on any mobile device, making campus life easier and more productive for students and faculty
NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre Outreach Learning for the 21st Century Technology-enabled initiative brings distance learning to remote and rural areas of Australia, helping to improve student performance and giving teachers access to best-practice models
OneCommunity Connect Your Community (CYC) Project helps narrow digital divide in eight economically challenged communities by providing free digital literacy training, equipping participants with computers and creating broadband access plans; also hires instructors from each community
Skype Skype in the classroom Free online community enables teachers anywhere in the world to connect with one another and with subject matter experts and other resources to facilitate collaboration and shared learning in their classrooms
Temple University Green Methods of Closing the Digital Divide Program refurbishes donated computers, giving IT students valuable experience as they turn e-waste into computers for sale to Temple students at nominal cost and for donation to community members
Tidewater Comunity College Computer Club Computers For Student Success Club founded to refurbish donated computers to provide hands-on training to IT and computer science students and to get computers into the hands of deserving students who otherwise couldn't afford them
University of Houston University of Houston Digital History Dynamic, database-driven website drawing on robust technologies to maintain its availability, performance and personal engagement provides teachers and students with a wealth of learning resources
Warrior Gateway Warrior Gateway's G.I. Network Portal connects veterans and families to thousands of services and programs, with its newest project, the G.I. Network, allowing government and nonprofit organizations to share resources in one location

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