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Don't look at your resume as a way to get a job interview. It's your introduction to someone you dont know.

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Perhaps you see your IT resume as a way to get a job interview. That's the goal when we send out our resumes, after all. But thinking about resumes that way doesn't really help you determine how to prepare one.

Instead, think of the resume as your introduction to someone you don't know.

If you were selling yourself for a job in person, you would stand up tall, make eye contact, smile, give a good handshake and summarize key things about yourself. You would follow professional etiquette and take pains to communicate effectively, and in a winning way. Your resume needs to do all those things for you.

With resumes, what you say and how you say it matter. We are all judged within seconds of meeting someone. Similarly, our resumes are judged within seconds of landing on someone's desk. To make your resume a better introduction of you, here's some advice, couched in terms IT professionals should be able to relate to.

* A badly formatted resume is like a cluttered user interface. Given a choice, users will go with the more user-friendly interface. Employers will do likewise and completely overlook the resume that isn't approachable.

* Preparing a resume that doesn't quickly engage employers is like rolling out a new technology while making no effort to introduce it to users. If employers don't feel a quick connection, then they won't want to talk with you.

* A resume that doesn't pull the employer into your career story is like a key infrastructure with a component missing. Employers want a strong story, but they won't try to piece it together on their own.

In short, when you use your IT resume to introduce yourself to someone you don't know, make sure it is organized, presents information well, communicates your achievements clearly and concisely, and doesn't send the wrong perception about you as a professional. After all, what would people think if you launched an underdeveloped IT system that did nothing for them?

Ken Moore is an internationally certified IT resume writer, former recruiter, and nationally published author. Visit his website,

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