WWDC: Cook unveils iOS 6, new OS X, Retina display MacBook Pro

Apple can still generate 'ton of anticipation' about upcoming products without former CEO Steve Jobs, says analyst

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Gottheil, who called the pricing "aggressive," also noted that the new MacBook Pro should boost Apple's Mac ASP, or average selling price, a number which has been falling as more users opt for the less-expensive notebooks in Apple's inventory.

Schiller also announced a less radical revamp of the existing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines that also feature Ivy Bridge processors.

All new MacBook Airs now come with 4GB of memory standard -- previously, the lowest-priced model sported half that -- with the most expensive model, a 13-in. notebook, boasting 8GB. Storage space has also been increased, with the maximum now a 512GB SSD.

The new MacBook Airs also boast USB 3.0 and their built-in cameras have been upgraded to 720p. The new models begin shipping today, said Schiller.

For the slightly-heavier MacBook Pro line, Apple also went with Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, boosted RAM and for the priciest 15-in. laptop, equipped it with a quad-core processor as standard.

Prices changed for three of the four models in the Air line: All but the entry-level 11-in. Air now cost $100 less than before. The MacBook Pro laptops retained their earlier prices.

"We are so proud of this lineup.... [It's] the best in the industry," said Schiller.

After Schiller's time on stage, Craig Federighi, Apple's head of OS X development, took the WWDC crowd on a quick spin of Mountain Lion, aka OS X 10.8, the upgrade now slated to ship next month.

"Mountain Lion is a major new release with hundreds of new features," said Federighi, who then spelled out only eight, including iCloud integration, three new apps -- Messages, Reminders and Notes -- and something called iCloud Tabs in a new version of Safari.

Most of the additions in Mountain Lion had been revealed before today; Apple seeded developers with previews starting last February. But Apple had a few surprises up its sleeve, including built-in dictation, presumably via the same Siri-based technology that debuted in March on the new iPad, and Power Nap, which lets Macs conduct backups and receive updates while in sleep mode.

Power Nap works only on second-generation MacBook Airs and the new Retina-equipped MacBook Pro.

Recognizing the importance of China to its current and future revenue, Apple also added some new China-only features to Mountain Lion, including improved support for Chinese-language input, a new Chinese-language dictionary and support for Baidu, the Chinese search engine.

Federighi said that Mountain Lion would ship in July -- somewhat sooner than many had expected from Apple's "late summer" window of earlier this year -- and will be priced at $19.99, a third less than last year's Lion. Macs running either Snow Leopard or Lion can be upgraded to Mountain Lion.

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