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Computerworld tweets will keep you updated on the latest from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) as Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives unveil the company's plans.

Later today, we'll have a full-wrap up story about Cook's keynote. All of Computerworld's coverage on WWDC is available here.

WWDC tweets

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@kmingis: And that's a wrap. #wwdc

@kmingis: iOS 6 will be out this fall and will work on the iPhone 3GS and newer and the iPAd 2. #wwdc

@kmingis: New feature in Maps is called "Flyover" -- 3D maps. And turn-by-turn directions. #wwdc

@kmingis: Siri will be integrated with Maps in iOS 6. #wwdc

@kmingis: No surprise: New maps in iOS 6, now with traffic info that's anonymous, real-time and crowd-sourced. #wwdc

@kmingis: Photo streaming in iOS 6 allows sharing of pix with friends. #wwdc

@kmingis: Safari in iOS 6 gets iCloud tabs for syncing across devices and the ability to upload pix to sites. #wwdc

@kmingis: Facetime will be available over cellular networks in iOS 6, not just Wi-Fi. #wwdc

@kmingis: iOS 6 gets a new "do not disturb" feature that tells your device not to bother you with sounds or a lighted screen. (great at night) #wwdc

@kmingis: For example, Facebook events will appear in calendars in iOS 6. #wwdc

@kmingis: As expected Facebook gets the same integration treatment as Twitter did in iOS 5. #wwdc

@kmingis: Among Siri's new tricks, it can finally launch apps and you can tweet using your voice. #wwdc

@kmingis: iOS 6 gets Siri as its lead new feature. Not yet clear whether it'll be backward compatible with older iPads. #wwdc

@kmingis: Now it's time for more details on the next iOS. #wwdc

@kmingis: For developers, another OS X Mountain Lion dev preview is available today. #wwdc

@kmingis: OS X Mountain Lion will ship in July for $19.99. #wwdc

@kmingis: OS X intros "PowerNap" feature. Keeps your Mac updated while it sleeps. #wwdc

@kmingis: (Dictation is available on the iPad already; think of it as a one-way simplified Siri.) #wwdc

@kmingis: Dictation has been added to Mountain Lion and works system-wide. #wwdc

@kmingis: Apple's Pages app will offer "documents in the cloud." #wwdc

@kmingis: Now comes talk of iCloud. #wwdc

@kmingis: Next up: Discussion of OS X Mountain Lion. #wwdc

@kmingis: Price for the next-gen MacBook Pro is $2199. Shipping today. #wwdc

@kmingis: No folks, Apple hasn't said how much the next-gen. MBP will be -- yet. #wwdc

@kmingis: Two USB 2.0/3.0 ports, HDMI port, two thunderbolt ports on the next-gen MacBook Pro. #wwdc

@kmingis: Up to 768GB of flash storage, up to 16GB of RAM in the new retina display MacBook Pro. #wwdc

@kmingis: Whoa: rez on the new MacBook Pro is 2880 X 1800 pixels. 220ppi. #wwdc

@kmingis: A slimmer 15-in. (0.71 inches thick) weighing 4.5 pounds and with a retina display. #wwdc

@kmingis: The next-gen MacBook Pro... #wwdc

@kmingis: Interesting: A new laptop model being unveiled. #wwdc

@kmingis: MacBook Pro models get GeForce GT 650M graphics, up to 1GB video RAM. #wwdc

@kmingis: MacBook Pro updates to Ivy Bridge chips, up to 2.7GHz, quad-core i7. #wwdc

@kmingis: BRB. On my way to the Apple Store. ;-) (kidding) #wwdc

@kmingis: The 11-in. MacBook Air starts at $999, shipping today. 13-in. starts at $1199. #wwdc

@kmingis: The Air gets up to 8GB RAM and USB 3.0 and an updated 720p webcam #wwdc

@kmingis: The Air gets Ivy Bridge chips, up to 2.0GHz dual-core i-7, up to 512GB flash storage. #wwdc

@kmingis: Phil schiller on stage at #wwdc. New MacBooks, starting off with the Air.

@kmingis: Cook is back on stage at #wwdc and touts new changes to the laptop

@kmingis: Video at #wwdc highlighting how apps are being used in unusual ways.

@kmingis: Developers have been paid over $5B, Cook says at #wwdc

@kmingis: Cook says 30 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. #wwdc

@kmingis: More from Cook: 650K apps in the App Store, 225K iPad-specific. #wwdc

@kmingis: Cook starts off with updates on the App Store, notes 400M accounts. #wwdc

@kmingis: Next up at #wwdc, Apple CEO Tim Cook, promises to show off some really cool stuff.

@kmingis: #WWDC starts off with a stand-up comedy routine by Siri (complete with drum kicks).

@kmingis: Yes, there's #wwdc chatter about the note saying the Apple Store is down. (It's not the usual yellow post-it). bit.ly/KZZawM

@kmingis: Apple is expected to offer more details about OS X Mountan Lion at #wwdc today. Here's our earlier take: bit.ly/wZyNja

@kmingis: In case you missed this Sunday: @mdeagonia takes a look at what to expect at #wwdc today. bit.ly/LlLlbZ

@kmingis: And so it begins. The Apple store is now down for "updates." bit.ly/KZZawM #wwdc

@kmingis: Coming up at 1 p.m. ET, I'll be tweeting updates about Apple's WWDC. #wwdc

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