Cloud-based Office tools: Right for you?

Organizations are adopting cloud software, but few are ready to move away completely from their familiar on-premises tools.

The Museum of Modern Art's migration to the cloud started last June, when MoMA moved from an on-premises email system to Google's cloud-based Gmail and Calendar, says Juan Montes, chief technology officer for the New York-based museum. And now, he says, he's seeing employees turn to other cloud-based productivity applications on their own as they become more comfortable with the notion.

"There's wide adoption of what I call the Google collaboration space, and it's a mixed bag of things in there," Montes says. "We see people putting up Microsoft Office docs in Google to share and collaborate within the organization as well as outside it."

Montes says that cloud-based software clearly has a strong foothold in his organization, but that he's still not quite ready to completely switch over to the cloud for personal productivity applications. Why?

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