Dropbox adds photo auto-upload feature for cameras, smartphones

Dropbox matches Google Drive's 5GB of free capacity

On the heels of this week's Google Drive announcement, cloud storage provider Dropbox said it has expanded its automated photo and video upload service to include just about any device, including cameras.

By signing onto the service, Dropbox automatically expands users' storage capacity by 500MB for the first upload. Once that 500MB is filled up via camera upload, another 500MB will be added -- this process keeps repeating up to a total of 3GB of additional space, a spokesperson said. In addition to the 2GB of free capacity Dropbox already offers users, the additional 3GB brings the service up to Google Drive's 5GB of free capacity.

In February, DropBox announced its mobile application could automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud using Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan. The photos and videos are uploaded at original size and full quality, and saved to a private folder called Camera Uploads in the user's Dropbox.

In a blog post Thursday, Dropbox announced its users can automatically upload photo and video from just about any camera, tablet, Internet-enabled SD card or smartphone.

After images are uploaded, users can view them on the Web from Dropbox's new Photo Page.

Dropbox images
Dropbox's Photo Page

"With the newest version for Mac or Windows, you can just plug your camera, phone, or SD card into your computer, and with a few clicks of the mouse, all your photos and videos are in your Dropbox," it stated.

Photos are copied from a camera to a Dropbox account and uploaded, in full quality and at their original size, to your private Camera Uploads folder. As your photos upload, you can access them from anywhere, move them, and share them with others.

On Tuesday, Google released its Google Drive cloud storage service, offering users 5GB of free space. Users can also upgrade to 25GB for $2.49 a month, 100GB for $4.99 a month and 1TB for $49.99 a month.

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