What tech managers can do to hold on to their best talent

6 tips for holding on to your workplace stars

It's not an employer's market anymore, and organizations need to make retention of their tech talent a priority.

When top talent leaves, the entire organization feels the repercussions, and the morale of those remaining usually suffers. The loss of key, high-profile employees signals corporate uncertainty to the rest of the workforce. But it's not just a matter of holding on to the talented stars who are at the top of their professional game. Employees with deep institutional knowledge are vital to maintaining business operations.

While retention is surely preoccupying those in the C-suite, it's usually a matter that has to be tackled at the departmental and even the team level. It's been said that people join companies but leave managers, and that's true.

Managers might wonder what they can do, since they don't control the purse strings. But in most cases it's not money, but culture and work/life issues that typically spur employees to seek out new opportunities.

In my work, I have seen what tactics help to stem attrition. Here are some of them:

• Team leaders and department heads who flexibly accommodate people in balancing the demands of work and life suffer fewer desertions. They let their people know that their role doesn't begin and end with their job descriptions. One of the most successful senior managers I know is proud of the way his team "rocks the work/life balance" while consistently executing projects.

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