NatGeo Moves Media Archive to Public Cloud

The National Geographic Society announced that it will now back up and archive its large unstructured multimedia files on Nirvanix's Cloud Storage Network. Physical storage upgrades, along with the data migration process, have become too expensive and unwieldy, the organization said; it expects to save money in the six-figure range by not having to invest in any further upgrades.

The 124-year-old society said its archive is on the order of 100TB today but will reach the petabyte level in the near future.

An advantage of using a cloud service is that it will improve National Geographic's ability to collaborate with video editors around the globe. "There's no question that it's the kind of thing we'd look to leverage in the future," said Dan Backer, director of infrastructure systems. "You want to hire the best possible video producer you can find. If that video producer is in New York City and the data is in Washington, D.C., there's going to be a transfer problem."

Backer said benchmark tests showed upload performance in the cloud is about the same as it is on-site.

Another benefit, Backer said, will come from new opportunities to sell the society's cloud-based information by making different "buckets" of content available online.

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