Iomega launches desktop, rack-mountable NAS line

The StorCenter PX Server Class Series arrays support advanced video capture

EMC's Iomega subsidiary today unveiled a new series of desktop and rack-mountable storage arrays that use high capacity SATA or high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs).

Iomega's new StorCenter PX Server Class Series of storage arrays range in price from $400 to $10,000 and offer up to 36TB of capacity.

The new arrays are being marketed as data protection for small- to mid-size businesses, remote offices and the remote office locations of enterprises.

The StorCenter PX Server Class Series of network storage products can be deployed as both a desktop and rack-mount network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The PX Series can utilize 1TB, 2TB or 3TB SATA hard drives. The PX Series 300d comes in a four-bay and six-bay desktop configuration for up to 18TB capacity for a four-bay.

The PX Series 300d desktop NAS system

The PX4-300r and PX12-350r arrays are four-bay (1U, or 1.75-in high) and 12-bay (3U high) rack-mount models, respectively, that support up to 36TB capacity. Both configurations support either 2.5-in or 3.5-in. drives.

The arrays are based on Intel Celeron and Core 2 Duo processors and feature EMC's LifeLine software.

Lifeline enables automated backup and data restoration, as well as array configuration information that includes users, groups, device identification and share names and permissions. "This capability is particularly useful when cloning a configuration across the deployment of multiple systems, such as branch offices and retail locations," Iomega said in a statement.

The management software can also schedule system power ups and downs to automatically turn on and off StorCenter PX Server Class Series models. Users can also create encrypted volumes for both block- and file-level data.

In addition, the PX-series has SMART hard drive monitoring that reports on the status of all drives, sending a warning when a drive's health becomes questionable.

Users can also take advantage of the Secure File Transfer Protocol for moving data across networks to other computer systems.

The arrays natively support EMC's cloud storage service, Atmos, for offsite data storage as well as the LifeLine Native Video Surveillance Enhancements, which support Axis, Panasonic IP cameras and Bosch IP cameras. The array supports up to 48 IP video cameras via a browser-based video management system interface.

The PX4-300r rackmount NAS system

For users requiring higher performance, the PX arrays also have an SSD option and can use Intel's dual-core processors and up to four GbE NICs and 4GB of DRAM.

The arrays are certified for VMware vSphere 5.0, Citrix XenServer and Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2.

Finally, Iomega is introducing its "Personal Cloud" technology - a web-based computing architecture that connects an Iomega StorCenter PX Server Class Series network storage device to other users and/or devices via the Internet.

The desktop Iomega StorCenter px4-300d Network Storage Server Class Series starts at $699.99 retail; the desktop Iomega StorCenter px6-300d Network Storage Server Class Series starts at $899.99; the rackmount Iomega StorCenter px4-300r Network Storage Array Server Class Series starts at $1,699.99; and the rack-mount Iomega StorCenter px12-350r Network Storage Array Server Class Series starts at $4,999.99.

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