Video: Steve Jobs one-on-one, the '95 interview

He was already a superstar when he recorded this interview

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Part 11: NeXTStep and object-oriented computing

Continuing his discussion of NeXT, Jobs talks about the future of object-oriented software and how he was once inspired by a visit to Xerox PARC.

"I'll tell you an interesting story: When I was at Apple, a few of my acquaintances said, 'You really need to go over to Xerox PARC' -- which was Palo Alto Research Center --'and see what they've got going over there.'

"They didn't usually let too many people in, but I was able to get in there and see what they were doing. I saw their early computer called the Alto, which was a phenomenal computer. And they actually showed me three things there that they had working in 1976. I saw them in 1979. Things that took really until a few years ago for us to fully re-create, for the industry to fully re-create in this case with NeXTStep.

"However, I didn't see all three of those things. I only saw the first one, which was so incredible to me that it saturated me. It blinded me to see the other two. It took me years to re-create them and rediscover them and incorporate them back into the model, but they were very far ahead in their thinking. They didn't have it totally right, but they had the germ of the idea of all three things. And the three things were graphical user interfaces, object-oriented computing and networking."

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