eBay's CIO Succeeds by Innovating and 'Connecting the Dots'

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If the eBay name conjures up images of late 1990's-style online auctions, you've got a lot to learn about how the $14 billion company is enabling all flavors of online and offline commerce--with and without bidding--these days.

CIO Scott Seese and his team support the technology and innovation functions that make it possible for customers to snag everything from cars to clothing via mobile devices, at retail locations, even television. Seese is helping eBay drive its mission of connected commerce to new venues and new partners like The Home Depot and Foot Locker, and capturing the power of social to help people find exactly what they want from among millions of sellers around the world.

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CIO Interview Series, Seese speaks with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about his role in driving this transformation and what's ahead for eBay. He shares his advice for making acquisitions successful from a tech perspective and how he's developing his team to deal with the rapidly shifting tech landscape. Seese also explains his philosophy for "connecting the dots" in order to ensure IT is effective in empowering eBay's business success.

Seese is a member of the CIO Executive Council--IDG Enterprise's peer-based global community of leading CIOs.

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Q: What are the big strategic developments underway at eBay right now?

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