Review: Four killer cloud IDEs

Surprisingly beefy, browser-based JSFiddle, Icenium, Cloud9 and Codenvy stretch from client-side JavaScript to server-side Java and Web stacks

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Further, I can imagine deploying my code through this service in order to use the debugging features to get everything running. The ability to tweak some of the code and redeploy is not only useful, but it offers a more sophisticated interaction than simply pushing code up onto the server with Git. The Codenvy debugging tools are quite nice. I'm not sure I'll always be willing to wait for a JSON call to highlight the issues with the code. But if your Internet connection is fast, Codenvy may be enough for hard-core development.

The free version offers unlimited public projects. If you want some privacy, the basic subscription is $9 per month; advanced subscriptions that support more projects and dedicated VMs are $49 and $99.

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