Xerox CEO to CIOs: We'll take your mess and make it beautiful

Top exec Ursula Burns outlines Xerox's widening portfolio of IT, business process and document outsourcing services.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to drive a storied tech company through a major transformation. Not so when it comes to Xerox Corp. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns is steeped in the history and culture of the 107-year-old company, having joined Xerox as a mechanical engineering intern in the summer of 1980 then working her way up through a variety of roles.

But make no mistake about the transformation part. Burns isn't abandoning Xerox's well-established position in printing and copying. Instead, she's rapidly steering the company into a leading position as a provider of business process, IT and document outsourcing services - a set of offerings that already account for more than half the company's almost $23 billion in revenue.

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Burns talks talks with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about what differentiates Xerox from the very big names that already play in outsourcing and explains how Xerox isn't just about devices today.

Q: Xerox has embarked on a new strategy of becoming a leading business services company. Explain what that means and why that's so important for customers and for the company.

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