Premier 100 IT Leaders: Lucille Mayer and Ramaswamy Nagappan

These co-CIOs drive efficiencies by unifying IT frameworks

The co-CIOs at Pershing have to juggle the demands of the Jersey City, N.J-based company's 1,500 clients, for whom they provide IT services. Those clients -- global financial services firms, investment advisers, banks and insurance companies -- must comply with a variety of laws and regulations. But they also need tools that enable them to operate efficiently and give them competitive advantages.

That's what co-CIOs Ramaswamy Nagappan, 52, and Lucille Mayer, 50, aim to deliver. "As a solution provider in IT, we help to consolidate those requirements into a unified framework so it's very efficient for our customers," says Nagappan. They recently followed that approach in the development of Pershing's task management system, which allows users to define their standard operating procedures and workflow and drive the flow of applications according to those task lists.

"Now the challenge isn't just what's inside the active functionality, but how do you leverage the device to your advantage," says Mayer.

"Ram and Lucille have also been responsible for taking Pershing global with technology developments," says Pershing Chief Operating Officer Ron DeCicco. "All these contributions are aligned with our objectives of staying on the cutting edge of changes in technology."

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