Lenovo comes out swinging with table PC, hybrid ultrabooks

PC maker also unveils a mini-ultrabook

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"This form factor is in its infancy now, but given a few years, could be very popular," Moorhead said. "Microsoft kicked off the concept with the original Surface Table in 2008 and it has morphed into these portable desktops you see from Sony and now Lenovo. The future home will have many different sized displays hung on walls, in our bathrooms, on tables, or it will be the table."

According to Moorhead, the Horizon Table PC moves the form factor closer to what consumers want and, eventually, to what the enterprise will want, as well.

"This form factor will be part of the office of the future," he said. "Collaborating on one display will add richness and depth to discussions and make a meeting more of a participation activity versus a passive one."

More ultrabooks

Also Monday, Lenovo is due to take the wraps off two additions to its family of convertible laptop-tablet devices.

The ThinkPad Helix, is being touted as a high-performance ultrabook running Intel Core processors. The machine, which can perform as both a laptop and a tablet, has 10 hours of battery life, Lenovo said, and sports an 11.6-inch screen.

"It's a full business notebook," Parker said. "But the big difference is that it has a rip-and-flip screen and can be used as a tablet or a standard notebook. You can pop off the screen, and then you have a tablet. Or you can fold it back on itself and use it in tablet mode."

The Helix is expected to ship in late February with a starting price of $1,400.

Lenovo also is showing off a new version of its hybrid ultrabook, the IdeaPad Yoga 11S.

The PC maker created a lot of buzz at last year's show when it unveiled the original Yoga hybrid ultrabook.

This latest version runs Intel Core i5 processors and Windows 8 software. The 11S also has an 11.6-in. screen, which is smaller than the 13-in. screen on the original Yoga, and is .68 inches thick.

Considered a mini ultrabook, the Yoga 11S comes in gray, orange or cotton candy pink. It is due to ship in June with a starting price of $799.

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