The top 5 issues with the top 5 cloud storage services

FixYa survey points to security, capacity concerns

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Google Drive was Google's next step in developing its Google Docs office suite and data storage service.

"Although security concerns are not as prominent amongst FixYa users compared to other cloud devices, Drive still experiences some general usability issues that need to be addressed," FixYa said. "For the most part, however, these issues can be solved quickly."


The lack of Quickbooks support topped the concerns users had with SugarSync (30%). Quickbooks is a business accounting software for businesses. Because SugarSync doesn't support Quickbooks, it is a tough sell for financial users, FixYa said.

Another 30% of respondents complained about SugarSync's storage space, or more specifically, storage space pricing. SugarSync does have a 30-day free trial available, as well as a 5GB free plan "buried at the bottom of their sign-up page." But overall, "pricing is higher than other cloud services (iCloud notwithstanding)," FixYa said.

After that, 15% said they experiences file syncing issues, another 15% chose iTune file problems as a concern and the remaining 15% chose "other."

"iTunes files are notoriously dodgy as SugarSync encounters issues with sharing between different devices," FixYa said.


Apple's iCloud storage service took a hit after users updated to OS X Mountain Lion, according to 35% of those surveyed by FixYa.

"Unfortunately, users are experiencing issues with the iCloud on the new OS X Mountain Lion when they try to do a multitude of things," FixYa said. "Whether it be signing up for the service, syncing the "Notes" application between devices, or backing up files and other applications, iCloud on the new Mountain Lion is not perfect by any means."

FixYa recommended that users experiencing problems with syncing Notes try Evernote instead. Evernote, it said, is a note-taking application that does everything Apple¼s "Notes" app does, "but better."

Additionally, the inability to sync files with non-Apple devices in iCloud was noted by 25% of those surveyed, along with 15% who simply complained about syncing between devices in general. Another 15% expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of storage space and 10% chose "other."


Box, a cloud storage service that is most popular with small businesses because of its native security capabilities and management features, was hammered on the issue of security and uploading problems. Twenty-five percent of survey respondents chose "security concerns"; another 25% chose "upload issues."

"While security issues do not appear to be a problem for large-scale business accounts, FixYa users have reported concerns with security for their free personal accounts," FixYa stated.

While FixYa can't do anything about the security concerns with Box, it did recommend that users having trouble uploading files should restart their computers and clear the browser cache before trying again.

Box differs from most other competitors in file sharing. While rivals offer basic functionality such as file edit and sync with other devices, Box is natively a more collaborative platform, something Google Drive is working toward.

"What this means [for Box] is that people can add comments about the file that are accessible by anyone with permissions, implement and view tasks set by other users that relate to the file, and invite other users quickly and efficiently," FixYa said.

Problems with backup files were reported by 20% of respondents, as was "laggy response." Ten percent chose "other."

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