10 smartphone apps that can help track your expenses

If you need to record your expenditures for your company or the IRS, these iPhone and Android apps can make it easier.

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ProOnGo Expense Tracker


Price: 30-day trial; after that, prices vary according to number of users, number of receipt scans and other factors. Individual subscriptions start at $28.70 a year while business subscriptions (which includes QuickBooks sync) start at $9/month.

OS reviewed: iOS

Other OSes: Android, BlackBerry

ProOnGo is very specifically a business app -- it allows small business owners to track both employees' expenses and clients' payments via a mobile app and a Web application.

ProOnGo Click to view larger image.

Each user categorizes her expenses into one of four types: regular, mileage, billable time and time expenses based on a calendar entry. Regular expenses can be entered manually or via a handy receipt scanner, which auto-extracts the vendor, date and total amount. Those handling large numbers of receipts will be glad to know that you can bulk upload receipts via email.

Mileage expenses can be added by GPS or entered manually via the odometer function. The reimbursement rate can easily be modified to be per mile or per kilometer, making it useful for travels abroad.

Each employee can also add payments made by clients. The amount paid needs to be entered manually, and you can add categories, type (e.g., business or personal), client name, payment method, items, classes, the date and a memo.

Based on the income and expense data, the app can generate bar, line and pie graphs, as well as create reports in Excel, CVS or XML. Syncing with either the Web or the desktop version of QuickBooks is similarly easy. Importing credit card transactions, however, will require that you log in at ProOnGo.com.

All in all, whether you are a manager tracking the expenses of your employees, or an employee whose expenses need to be approved, this app will help you do so quickly and easily.

--Isabel Eva Bohrer

Receipts Pro

Tidal Pool Software

Price: $4.99; a free trial version allows entry of up to 10 receipts. HD version available for iPad.

OS reviewed: iOS

Other OSes: None

Receipts Pro lets you separate expenses into different accounts (e.g., business versus personal); within each account, you can divide expenses by categories (e.g., mileage, equipment, etc.). When adding a new receipt, the app allows you to enter up to eight custom fields, including the date, notes and whether the expense is recurring.

Receipts Pro
Receipts Pro Click to view larger image.

Unfortunately, while you can add a photo, there is no receipt scanner, but Receipts Pro does enable you to add a voice note, a feature that few other expense-tracking apps provide. Once you have entered your expenses, the app can generate graphs of your expenditures. You can export and share Excel, PDF or CSV reports via email, iTunes, Box, CloudApp, Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs directly from the app.

The fact that the app comes with optional password protection is ideal, and those traveling for business will appreciate that expenses in any currency can be added and are automatically converted to your home currency.

--Isabel Eva Bohrer

Toshl Finance Expense Tracker


Price: Free; $19.99/year for Pro version adds additional data formats and features like the ability to use multiple budgets and create extra graphs online.

OS reviewed: Android

Other OSes: iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Toshl Finance Expense Tracker manages to maintain a user-friendly design while also packing in a wide range of impressive options.

Toshl Finance Expense Tracker
Toshl Finance Expense Tracker Click to view larger image.

The first time you use Toshl, you have to create an account by providing an email address and password. That account is then used to automatically back up your data at regular intervals to Toshl's own servers; as a result, you can access your data using the app from any mobile device or even access it from any computer by simply signing into Toshl's website.

Toshl's design is clean and simple to use. The main screen has an "Expenses" tab for viewing and adding expenses, a "Tags" tab for managing tags used to categorize your items and a "Budget" tab to input any budgetary guidelines for your spending.

When you add a new expense, Toshl pops up a full-screen calculator with large keys in order for you to enter the amount. Once you key in the number, you're taken to a second screen on which you can assign a tag to the item -- either one you've already created or a new one you type in right then -- and opt to make the expense recurring if you want.

Toshl can export your data as a CSV file and send it via email. The app also can export data in XLS, PDF, or Google Docs format, but those options are available only if you upgrade to a Pro account.

--JR Raphael

Isabel Eva Bohrer can be found at www.isabelevabohrer.com.

JR Raphael is a Computerworld contributing editor and the author of the Android Power blog. For more Android tips and insights, follow him on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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