Intel needs to build PC buzz at IDF, say analysts

After lowering revenue forecast last week, Intel should build excitement

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However, Olds was quick to add that Intel needs to make sure it doesn't appear to be defensive and desperate about its own state or that of the PC industry. "There's a danger in doing this too explicitly," he added. "It can make them look too defensive. Intel wants to be seen as advancing the state of technology, not defending existing technology.... Don't be scared. You want to talk about the cool new world of PCs."

Charles King, an analyst at Pund-IT, said there's little reason for Intel to be defensive, because while the PC market may have fallen a bit, it's still a robust industry.

"For all the problems the PC industry has gone through, there's still more than a million PCs a day being sold worldwide," King noted. "That is not a small industry. It's an industry certainly undergoing some changes right now, but as popular as the iPad is, the PC is still an incredibly popular device and form factor, and it isn't going to go away anytime soon."

King added that he expects Intel to focus on ultrabooks this week.

"The main focus is going to be on the value of this strategy," he said. "The whole bit with ultrabooks has really been that you can have it both ways: You can have all-day battery life with full-blown PC performance."

And while ultrabooks have created some good buzz in the industry, many potential buyers have been waiting for their prices to drop. King thinks this week would be a good time for Intel to announce some lower-priced ultrabooks.

"They need to deliver something that not only has great performance and specs but a great price, as well," said King. "I do think we'll be seeing increasingly attractive ultrabooks at increasingly attractive prices."

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