PowerPoint 2010 cheat sheet: Quick reference charts

New to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010? Find your favorite commands from earlier versions of PowerPoint with these charts.

These charts accompany our story PowerPoint 2010 cheat sheet. Click through to that story for detailed information on PowerPoint 2010 and its features.

If you've upgraded to PowerPoint 2010 directly from PowerPoint 2003, you'll probably have difficulty finding some of your favorite menu commands in the new Ribbon interface. Even PowerPoint 2007 users might have trouble finding one or two things in PowerPoint 2010. These quick reference charts can help.

We list the most commonly used PowerPoint 2003 commands and tell you where they are in both PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010. They're listed here according to the menu on which they're found in PowerPoint 2003. We've also included keyboard shortcuts for all the commands. Many of them are the same in all three versions of PowerPoint; we've noted where they differ.

For a full listing of every menu and submenu item, see Microsoft's Office 2010 website.

File Menu  |  Edit Menu  |  View Menu  |  Insert Menu  |  Format Menu  |  Tools Menu  |  Slide Show Menu  |  Window Menu

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