Top 25 DIY Tips for Better SEO

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You should ensure that your website is built on "responsive design," meaning it automatically adapts for optimal display on smartphones and tablets, as well as computers. This may be out of your skill set, but it's important to find someone who can help.

"Google has begun to favor sites that expand and contract to the varying and ever-growing screen sizes of mobile devices," explains Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO, WebiMax. "If your site is responsive and engages users, they'll stay on the site more, which can lower your bounce rate." (Bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors who leave after viewing just one page.)

22. Study your competitors

"One of the easiest ways companies can improve their SEO strategy is by researching competitors and looking at their marketing for strengths and weaknesses," says BrightHaus's Gilde. "Get a feel for what onsite and offsite SEO strategies they're using and for their social media strategy."

23. Think of your site holistically

"All your site's content should be relevant and closely associated with other content throughout the site and in line with what your brand represents," says Robert Browne, SEO specialist, "Keep it simple and relevant. If content isn't engaging to visitors from a search engine results page, they'll leave. Lower bounce rates on individual blog posts can have a positive impact on the SEO value they add to the entire site."

24. Don't forget the second largest search engine

"While most SEO efforts are focused on optimizing webpages for Google, you might also think about YouTube, which is the number two search engine on the Web," says Jamie Grenney, vice president of marketing, Infer. "Before investing in content, the first step is to identify the keywords you want to go after. Google Trends lets you filter for YouTube to understand the search volume of different terms." (After entering a term in Google Trends, click "Web Search" at the top of the results page and then select "YouTube Search.")

Videos often get the greatest visibility in Google rankings compared to other forms of content, according to Andrew Anderson of Strategic Web Blueprint.

25. Read Moz's SEO for Beginners Guide

"It's not an exciting read, but Moz is a leading authority on the topic and the advice is solid," notes Ramon Khan, online marketing manager/business development, National Air Warehouse. "It will provide you with the basic foundation to build upon."

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