Fitbit Flex Gets Fashionable

A new set of accessories from designer Tory Burch aims to make Fitbit's Flex fitness tracker look more like an expensive pendant or bracelet

The next phase in the evolution of wearable technology is upon us; brand-name fashion designers are joining the party, and style conscious women can now preorder a few different accessories to make their Fitbit Flex fitness trackers look less like wrist-worn rubber bands and more like pricey jewelry.

Yesterday Fitbit and designer Tory Burch unveiled a new line of Fitbit Flex accessories, including a $195 gold-colored bracelet and a $175 gold-colored pendant. Tory Burch is also making two $38 Flex bands that look just like the regular bands from Fitbit except for some patterns and Burch branding.A

Most of today's popular wearable technology is unmistakable; it looks like wearable technology, and it's often hard to miss. That's a challenge for lots of "regular" people who don't want to (quite literally) wear their tech on their sleeves. The new Tory Burch accessories could go a long way toward convincing the masses that wearable tech doesn't have to be in your face and can even be stylish.

The news is notable because Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness trackers and services on the market. It's unlikely that anyone will run out and purchase a brand new Fitbit Flex, which costs $100, just because they see the new accessories -- unless they're really big Tory Burch fans. The introduction of these new accessories could, however, reduce some of the stigma of wearing clearly visible fitness gadgets and help the company reach a new potential pool of buyers.

Fitbit isn't the first wearable maker to team up with a designer. Earlier this month Google showed off some funky frames and luxury lenses for its Glass wearable computer, made by Diane von Furstenberg. I also recently wrote about a stylish new ring that displays your smartphone notifications on its face.

Unsurprisingly, most of the first fashion-oriented wearables target women, who tend to be a bit more stylish than the average man. But it's only a matter of time before enterprising companies start to roll out the goods for guys.

You can preorder any of the four new Torch Burch Fitbit accessories on the company's site.


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