App development in the cloud gets speedy, gains traction

With existing frameworks in the cloud, app developers can now quickly revise software, allowing for fast response to business needs.

Wade Sendall, vice president of IT at The Boston Globe, had to build an application that would allow both employees and customers to add their photos to advertisements.

The new app was slated to replace a service costing $80,000 annually, so the potential ROI was significant, he says.

Yet even with such a clear financial gain in sight, Sendall didn't assign a team to develop the new app from scratch. Instead, he needed just one developer to do the job.

And that single developer delivered big-time, taking only a month to build an app that had the same functionality and workflow as the prior service, a software solution that the vendor no longer offers.

Sendall credits a new development strategy for the success. His developers now build apps in a cloud environment using the Mendix App Platform. This service, and similar ones from competitors such as CloudForge and MIOsoft, essentially replicates corporate app development tools and frameworks, including business rules and models, as a cloud service.

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