Tip of the Hat: An expansive look at Apple's big asset

John R. Moran provides a strong explanation of how Apple's design philosophy is unique in the tech business -- and likely always will be

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Since Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1998, the company developed innovative products credited with creating new markets -- smartphones, tablets and the like -- that led to explosive growth that's pushed the company's annual revenue figures beyond the $170 billion mark.

Tip of the hat

Apple is the company the tech world looks to for innovation and for leadership and is on multiple 'most admired' lists. It does face questions today as CEO Tim Cook leads the way, but design is clearly still 'Job One' at Apple.

John R. Moran of the Rampant Innovation website gets a Tip of the Hat from Computerworld for a comprehensive look at Apple's design philosophy, which he notes continues to be the backbone od the company since Jobs' death in 2011.

Moran's story, Design Is About Intent, notes that Apple itself still calls design "its defining capability."

"Lest there be any doubt, they told us last summer: Apple is about design." writes Moran. "It's what they value, teach and celebrate, and it's what has enabled them to revolutionize industry after industry with innovative products and business models."

From there, Moran dives into into Apple's design history and its strategy to center its business on the practice. It compares Apple's philosophy with that of its rivals. None of them, he notes, compares favorably, and likely never will. It's a terrific read and highly recommended.

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