Exclusive video: How to derail technology disruption

NASA Chief Technology Officer gives a workshop on reinventing IT

Social, mobile, cloud and analytics are all key technology disrupters -- for now. But what about two, five or 10 years from now?

In this action-packed session at Computerworld's Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Chief Technology Officer Tom Soderstrom gives us a glimpse into what rocket scientists see on the high-tech horizon and demonstrates prototypes of real solutions the venerated space agency has in the works now.

During his gamification workshop, Soderstrom challenges participants to define the next decades key disrupters in their own company or industry and come up with strategies to get ahead of them.

As Soderstrom explains, "Today's toy is tomorrow's tool. We predict the next IT decade" -- an "IT decade," in his definition, being three years and "shrinking rapidly."

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