15 mysteries about the Moto 360 smartwatch

We've seen pictures and videos of Motorola's round smartwatch, but the most important facts are still unknown

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The watch is water-resistant but not waterproof.

It has no camera.

Moto 360 mysteries

We know a little about the Moto 360. But there are many things we don't know, and I have 15 questions about it:

1. Why doesn't the screen go all the way to the bottom? If you look carefully at the product shots, you can see that the bottom of the screen doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the circle. Is something happening in that space, or is the interface just sloppy? Or is there some other reason for it?

2. What's that thing on the side? The Moto 360 has a round thing on the right side. I doubt that's where you wind the watch. Is it a charger connector? Hardware button? Both? Neither?

3. How do you charge it? There's apparently no USB connector, nor is there a Garmin-like clip system. How it's charged is a mystery.

4. How long does the battery last? If the watch can't make it through at least one entire day, it's toast. If it lasts longer than three days, we'll be blown away.

5. Will we be able to customize it on the Moto Maker site like I can with a Moto X?

6. Will Lenovo keep selling it? Remember that Motorola is being sold (pending regulatory approval) to Lenovo. What if they kill it?

7. Can you wake it up with your voice? We do know that when you lift your arm to see the time, the display comes on. Does voice wake it up too, like the Moto X?

8. How much does it weigh? The watch is pretty big and thick, and probably is mostly screen, battery and radios. If it's super heavy, people won't want to wear it.

9. Will it do special things with the Moto X? We know the phone will work with all updated Android phones. But will it do special tricks with Motorola's own phone?

10. Will it support iOS? So far, only Android phone support has been announced. But that's only part of the market.

11. How much will it cost? The company emphasizes the highest quality materials. But if it costs more than $500, nobody will buy it. If it costs less than $300, it could sell pretty well.

12. When will it ship? Motorola says it will ship this summer. But when? Early summer? Late summer? Will they even make the summer ship date?

13. Will only limited qualities be available this year? Experts say that manufacturing large quantities of round touch displays is a difficult and slow process. If it takes three months to get a new watch, people might go elsewhere.

14. Will the screen be readable in sunlight? A watch needs to be usable outside. If we can't tell the time on a sunny day or read the Google Now cards, it's useless.

15. What will it sound like? Will it beep and buzz? Will it play audible alerts? Voices? Music? We don't know.

So before you get excited about the Moto 360, you should know that the most important facts about it are still unknown. Motorola might have a killer, industry-leading wearable device on its hands. Or it could have another Galaxy Gear-type failure. It all depends on the answers to these 15 questions.

This article, "15 Mysteries About the Moto 360 Smartwatch," was originally published on Computerworld.com.

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